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Application Process

We offer you the opportunity to present your experience, skills and expectations and learn more about working at Santiago. Our application process is lean, agile and fast. The average turnaround time from receipt of your application to the final interview is less than four weeks, depending on your availability.


Application process flow

The Santiago application process consists of two different rounds of interviews that can be conducted virtually, depending on where you are.

After receiving your application, you will be informed within a few days whether you will be invited to the first round of interviews.

First round - getting to know each other in person

The first interview is a classic interview in which we want to get to know you, your experience, skills, wishes and expectations. In addition to the stages of your resume, your personal fit, your ability to work in a team and your communication skills are important to us. At the same time we introduce Santiago and the possibilities we can offer you in detail. If we get the impression that we could be a good match, you will be invited to the second round within a few days.

Second round - testing your skills

The second round consists of four one-hour interviews conducted one after the other - the Santiago Recruiting Day. The first interview is about the general conditions such as starting date, level and salary. At the same time, we introduce you to our evaluation system. This describes, among other things, what we value and how your bonus is determined.

These interviews will test your analytical skills, business sense, structuring ability and communication skills in the context of case studies and brain teasers. The interviews will be conducted by project leaders and partners. The total duration of the Santiago Recruiting Day is 4.5 hours (there is a 10-minute break between each of the four interviews). If your schedule requires it, we can also conduct the interviews on different days.

After the recruiting day, we will discuss your performance and decide whether you fit into our team. The next day, you will receive structured feedback and if it is positive, we will send you your contract.

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Preparation tips

Our experience shows: The better you prepare for the interviews, the higher the probability that we will decide for each other in the end. To help you on your way to Santiago, we have put together some tips for you.

Of course, every interview is different. Nevertheless, there are some empirical values on how to improve your chances of success:

Prepare carefully

An interview consists of more than just presenting your resume. We want to understand what moves you, why you have gone your way and why Santiago should be the next station on your way. And we want to understand what makes you special and what you expect from us.

Be yourself

Present yourself as you are. Describe your expectations and wishes. There is no point in playing a role that you would not be happy with later on in our team. We value open communication and want to work together with pleasure. And we can only judge whether this can work if we get to know you honestly..

Bring it to the point

Your introduction is a pitch on your own behalf. How you complete this pitch will give us a first feel for how you will present yourself to our clients, if applicable.

Be motivated and open minded

Be open to learning more about the job you are applying for and be motivated to present and contribute your experience. We can only judge your energy if you show it to us during the interviews.

Rate us for you

You will meet at least four of Santiago's colleagues during the interviews. Take the opportunity to evaluate the way we conduct the interviews and how we respond to your questions to see if you could see yourself at Santiago.

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Case Studies: Do’s and Don’ts

In your interview, a current project is used in anonymized form for the case. Since the projects span our business areas of strategy, organization and digitalization , the cases can also come from these three fields. We do not expect you to be an expert in these fields. The cases are about testing your analytical skills and your structuring competence. If you follow a few tips, nothing can go wrong:

Do: Listen and ask questions

Especially in case studies, it is important to understand the initial situation and the problem correctly. Therefore, do not immediately start with possible solutions, but first ask questions and use this time to think things over.

Do: Structure the problem

Do not immediately jump to individual topics that may just occur to you. First, try to structure the problem and develop a solution space.

Do: Work with hypotheses and options

Given the limited time available, even the most detailed description of the initial situation will not be able to contain all the details. Hypotheses can help fill this gap. When developing solutions, do not commit to one solution. Work with options.

Do: Derive your proposed solution logically

If you work with options, then you could, for example, evaluate them and thus come to a proposal.

Do: Share your thoughts with us

Time is short, but we will give you time to think. Use this time to structure your thoughts. We also want to understand how you think and how you approach the problem. Let us be part of it.

Don't: Go ahead without having understood the problem

Take your time, ask questions. Do not immediately start with solutions without having made an analysis.

Don't: Don`t defend your solution at all costs

If you are wrong, it can happen. Don't waste too much energy defending a wrong solution.

Don't: Panic

If you work with hypotheses, for example, it may be that they were wrong. But that is not a bad thing, because that is part of the nature of hypotheses. Do not panic.

Don't: Tell stories

If you get stuck, avoid resorting to general stories from the business management textbook. Better do a reset and start with a new case if necessary.

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Learn more about the experiences others have had in the Santiago application process:

"The speed of the application process was impressive. With no other competitor had I gone through this after just three weeks and had an offer on the table. This unbureaucratic approach was one of many arguments why I accepted the offer. And the first impression was not deceiving: the day-to-day project work is just as efficient. That makes it possible to implement things quickly."

– Niklas, Senior Consultant, Santiago Advisor since 2020

"I had four exciting interviews in which I was able to gain a good insight into the subject areas at Santiago. My interview partners were very different in terms of age, field of study and personality. This lived individuality and the Santiago spirit that all four exuded convinced me in the end to want to become a part of it."

– Frederik, Senior Consultant, Santiago Advisor since 2022

„With the case studies we always try to give a good impression of the projects at Santiago. The cases are meant to be challenging at the same time as giving an honest insight into the league Santiago plays in. Those who find the questions in the interviews exciting will most likely also feel comfortable in their job with us.“

– Sonia, Partner, Santiago Advisor since 2016

"I really liked the style in which the interviews were conducted. All the interviewees were very approachable, regardless of age or level, and they also seemed like a united team. And that really made me want more. You got a first impression of the team spirit and it proved to be true later on."

– Bastian, Senior Consultant, Santiago Advisor since 2020

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