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Project Zero

Consulting without CO2 emissions - we want to achieve this goal by 2028.

Our motivation

Consulting is a people business and thrives on interaction. However, interaction requires travel and travel causes emissions. When we worked on our strategy for the next 10 years in 2018, it seemed too one-sided to focus exclusively on economic goals (such as revenue).

We agreed on a further strategic KPI ("10 in 10"): We aim to reduce our occupational CO2 emissions to zero in the period from 2019 to 2028. In this way, we want to make our contribution to making our business as sustainable as possible.

Due to the Corona pandemic, travel behavior has changed significantly. However, we continue to be available on site whenever requested. Therefore, our business will continue to require travel, albeit less. Making these as low-carbon as possible is our incentive.

What we do?

To reduce our CO2 emissions to zero by 2028, we have set up a comprehensive program comprising a wide range of measures:

  • reducing business trips wherever possible,
  • avoiding domestic flights whenever possible,
  • reducing international flights to an absolute minimum,
  • the selection of event locations according to CO2 aspects,
  • the use of rail as the preferred means of transport,
  • The creation of incentives for smaller company cars and/or company cars with climate-friendly drive types,
  • the offer of a mobility premium as an alternative to a company car,
  • the establishment of the home office as a standard workplace
  • implementing our own CO2 compensation measures - such as planting trees and converting our office's electricity and heat supply to renewable energies


Due to these measures and the pandemic-related change in travel behavior, our CO2 emissions/capita have fallen by 75% since 2019. Since 2019, we have been offsetting all remaining emissions by donating to appropriate projects (e.g. Atmosfair.de).

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Dr. Georg Wolters
Managing Director & Head of People