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People make the difference. We help you to take your employees with you on your journey in times of permanent change.

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The working world of companies is influenced by various factors, and in some cases these can be contradictory: Rapidly advancing digitization and automation require dynamic, agile structures. Young workers are placing ever greater demands on employers. At the same time, demographic change is increasing the importance of older employees who have worked successfully for many years in traditional structures. How does this fit together?


Santiago supports you in finding the right way. We create structures and ways of working that are tailored to the company and its history. Together, we determine the benefits of innovative approaches and, on this basis, define the target picture as well as the individual roadmap for achieving new structures and ways of working.


An integral part of new structures and ways of working is the organization's understanding of leadership. This must develop in a way that complements the other changes: What is decided globally, what regionally, what locally? How interdisciplinary is leadership and work?


Together, we revise the management system and define the right balance between vertical and horizontal decisions and the associated requirements for managers and structures.

"New ways of working"/
Agile ways of working

When digitization and data science are seen as a strategic priority by companies, new requirements for the way such topics are approached arise at the same time. Often, "classic" approaches reach their limits when dynamic responses to evolving requirements are needed).


Santiago is an expert in the design of new ways of working. In doing so, our experience from a multitude of projects and studies with leading universities gives us a realistic view of where organizations stand, and we can initiate a successive and sustainable transformation process towards new, more dynamic and responsive ways of working and take the employees along with us on this journey. As a result, we match the agile elements individually to the requirements of the "classic" organization in the company and develop systems that are in a functioning balance and thus develop the greatest possible benefit with little friction. 


We provide support at all stages of the realization of new ways of working: from the development of the target image to the determination of organizational prerequisites to the creation of a toolbox adapted to individual challenges. During implementation, we can also "take your employees by the hand" directly with our experienced Agile Coaches and guide them into the new setup. 

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People & Leadership


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