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Digital &
Data-Driven Innovation

The intelligent management of data and the digitalization of your processes and organization are decisive for your long-term success. We help you break new ground.

Digital & Data-Driven

Many innovations today are enabled by digital and data-analytical applications. Companies have the challenge of translating these ideas into reality quickly and efficiently. This requires the right approaches to identify and realize solutions with a high value proposition for the user. At the same time, the prerequisites must be created in the company to be able to scale and manage solutions. 


We work with our clients on optimal organizational set-ups to realize digital initiatives and jointly build digital and data-centric eco-systems. In doing so, we can draw on a network of leading technology partners from Data Science and Digital Development and produce real solutions with visible success. In order to become even more powerful in the field of Data Science, we have brought our competencies together with our partners into a new company adago.


Our services range from ensuring digital readiness and shaping digital transformation to developing and implementing digital and data science solutions for a wide variety of problems in areas such as marketing/sales, research, or production/supply chain.

Digital Business Models

Digital innovations not only change companies' processes and products, but also enable completely new business models.


We are experts in the further development of business models. Our spectrum ranges from the expansion of business models with digital components to the new development of business models for digital products and the design of market entry.


Santiago is also an active risk partner in the development of digital ideas. In doing so, we invest through equity investments or joint ventures, mentor young companies, and provide access to a large industry network.

Your contact for the topic of digital and data-driven innovation:

Dr. Alexander Tarlatt
Managing Director

Data & Digitalization


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Transformation & Implementation

Good concepts are important. The challenges of implementation are often underestimated. We help you to implement your concepts sustainably.

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