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Process Optimization

Value creation takes place in processes. Well-designed processes enable efficient achievement of results. Professional process management provides a system for continuously optimizing processes and reacting quickly to changing conditions.


Among other things, we support you in the tool-supported creation of process transparency, in the optimization of process routes, in the identification of digitization and automation opportunities, and in the adaptation of the necessary roles and responsibilities. As a result, every employee can understand how processes will run in the future. Changes can be made across functional boundaries and help form an optimum. We also help to build organizational units that effectively and sustainably manage processes within the company.


The organization is the basis for goal-oriented interaction in the company. A well thought-out organizational design is a competitive advantage: The right organization can decide faster, react more quickly, take different perspectives into account, transport information quickly, create free space in the right places, but also ensure compliance with specifications and quality on important issues.


We consider all aspects of the (re)design of organizations, develop the individually important design principles with our clients and support them in the elaboration of the target organization. The change must be supported and processed by the organization. For this, we pay attention to the right degree of involvement, the right sequence, and the right size of the change steps. You can draw on our many years of experience in the field of organization, both in concept development and implementation, in all relevant functions.

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Jan Smagin

Process optimization & Reorganization


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