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Transformation &

Good concepts are important. The challenges of implementation are often underestimated. We help you to implement your concepts sustainably.

Shape Change

The world is changing faster and faster: concepts become obsolete before they are implemented and measures become obsolete before they can take effect. Companies are constantly challenged to keep pace with change. External events, megatrends as well as internal impulses are decisive for the development of organizations. We call the decisive, successful and joint processing of these impulses transformation. As such, we understand transformation not as a one-off initiative, but as a target state for organizations and individuals in which change becomes the norm.

The Santiago
Transformation Approach

This makes transformation an integral part of our project methodology, whether it involves strategy development or the transformation of entire organizations. After all, the long-term success of any initiative often depends on how much of your organization can be processed.


Together, we develop a customized path to realize the necessary change in the company, to ensure continuous development and ultimately to better exploit market opportunities.

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Dr. Hermann Schiegg

Transformation & Implementation


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