Hand in Hand

Cooperation Partners

We believe in the power of the team - in our projects, but also outside of them. That's why we use a large network of cooperation partners who inspire us, support us, advise us and give us feedback. Santiago is more than the sum of its employees.


Advisory Board

We believe in the value of good advice. That is why we also seek advice: Neutral feedback, inspiration and best practices from outside are an important element for us in the permanent development of our business model. The members of our Advisory Board are senior leaders with long experience in one of our focus industries.

Hanno D. Wentzler

Hanno D. Wentzler is former President & Chief Executive Officer of Munich-based Freudenberg Chemical Specialties SE & Co. KG (FCS), a member of the Freudenberg Group Executive Council and a fifth-generation member of the owning family. Hanno D. Wentzler has led the Freudenberg Chemical Specialties Business Group since its establishment in April 2004. He began his career with the Freudenberg Group in 1986. Following several management posts, he took over as CEO of Klüber Lubrication München KG in 1994, the nucleus of the Chemical Specialties Business Group founded in 2004. Wentzler also led several global Freudenberg initiatives, including the "e²" corporate social responsibility project. Hanno D. Wentzler retired at the end of 2020. 


Hanno D. Wentzler has been an advisory board member of Santiago Advisors since March 2021.

Hanno D. Wentzler | Beirat | Santiago Advisors

Hanno D. Wentzler

Member of the advisory board

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Scientific Advisory Board

Excellent consulting requires excellent and constantly new methods and best practices. We use a variety of sources for this. First and foremost, of course, is the knowledge of our employees and the findings from our projects. But studies, training courses and, above all, science are also important sources of inspiration for us. We have therefore invited renowned professors who research and teach in our core business areas to join our Scientific Advisory Board.

Prof. Dr. Leif Döring

Leif Döring studied mathematics and computer science in Konstanz and Yale. After completing his PhD at the TU Berlin and research stays in Oxford, Paris and Zurich, he was appointed to the University of Mannheim in 2015, where he now holds the Chair of Probability Theory.

As an expert in mathematical modeling of stochastic processes, he supports companies in data-driven issues and is one of the brains behind our subsidiary adago.

Prof. Dr. Leif Döring | Scientific Advisory Board | Santiago Advisors

Prof. Dr. Leif Döring

University of Mannheim

Prof. Dr. Mark Ebers

Mark Ebers studied business administration in his native city of Hamburg. He received his doctorate from the University of Mannheim and his habilitation in business administration in 1993. Before his appointment to the University of Cologne, he held professorships at the universities of Paderborn and Augsburg, among others. From 2004 to 2021, Professor Ebers held the Chair of General Business Administration, Corporate Development and Organization at the University of Cologne.

As an expert in organizational development, he is interested in the mutual exchange of knowledge between theory and practice in companies.

Prof. Dr. Mark Ebers | Scientific Advisory Board | Santiago Advisors

Prof. Dr. Mark Ebers

University of Cologne

Prof. Dr. Jens Grundei

Jens Grundei studied business administration at the Technical University of Berlin and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He received his doctorate from the Technical University of Berlin in 1999 and his habilitation in business administration in 2005. At Quadriga University Berlin, he is Professor of Corporate Governance and Organization Design and Co-Head of the People & Organization Institute.

As head of the "Organization" working group of the Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft für Betriebswirtschaft (Schmalenbach Society for Business Administration), he is particularly interested in the exchange between university and practice in the field of business organization.

Prof. Dr. Jens Grundei | Scientific Advisory Board | Santiago Advisors

Prof. Dr. Jens Grundei

Quadriga University Berlin

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One of the great growth drivers of any industry is the synergetic combination of human skills and experience with technological innovation. As a top management consultancy, we take a holistic approach and also accompany our clients on this journey. We are aware that this transformation requires new approaches that deviate from the classic consulting business. In order to meet the disruptive challenges in the most targeted way possible, we founded our subsidiary adago in 2022.

adago provides targeted support to companies in the life science and high-tech industries on disruptive issues relating to data science and IT. The adago team combines comprehensive consulting expertise with high technology competence. Through this combination, adago is able to develop actionable recommendations for management and to enable the acceleration of technology and decision-making processes. Furthermore, adago develops technological solutions for the optimization of management decisions by means of AI-supported data-based processes. Our close cooperation with research institutions enables adago to use and further develop the most innovative technologies.

adago - Advantage through AI - company logo
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Network partners

As a medium-sized consulting boutique, we focus our resources on our core business. We are at home in the business field of digitalization. But many projects also require the further or new development of software. We cover this competence through our network partners.


Since 2017, Avenga has been our software solutions partner. Avenga is a fast-growing global engineering and consulting platform that is on its way to establishing itself as a global leader in digital transformation. Avenga's services include consulting, IT, technology, design and staffing. For recurring tasks, Avenga develops its own software.

The collaboration with Avenga has enabled us to add important competencies to our service portfolio in the digitalization business area. Our customers appreciate the service from a single source.


Milecrew is an experienced partner for the successful implementation of digital transformation projects. With pragmatism and modern technologies, Milecrew transforms ideas and concepts into functioning software solutions. Through dedicated teams of experts, these are seamlessly integrated into existing IT and service landscapes. Thanks to its high level of implementation expertise and its "CTO-as-service" mindset, Milecrew ultimately enables our customers to continue their digitization on their own.ist ein erfahrener Partner für die erfolgreiche Umsetzung von digitalen Transformationsprojekten. Mit Pragmatismus und modernen Technologien verwandelt Milecrew Ideen und Konzepte in funktionierende Software-Lösungen. Durch dedizierte Experten-Teams werden diese nahtlos in bestehende IT- und Service-Landschaften integriert. Dank ihrer hohen Implementierungskompetenz und ihres "CTO-as-Service"-Mindsets ermöglicht Milecrew es unseren Kunden schließlich, ihre Digitalisierung selbstständig fortzusetzen.

Together with Milecrew, we also take on product and technical ownership as a partner, turning our customers into champions.

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Student Consultancies

"Practice makes perfect". In our experience, there is a lot of truth in this sentence for student management consultancies, because many of the members carry the "consultant gene" within them. We therefore work closely with student management consultancies.

We design workshops, offer training, and help with best practices. In return, we meet highly motivated and well-educated students, to whom we offer various forms of collaboration - from internships to working student positions to permanent positions. We are also happy to commission student management consultants to support us in our projects in order to build up our own expertise.

Long-standing cooperations connect us in particular with Academy Consult (Munich), OSCAR (Cologne) and JBT (Stuttgart). In the meantime, more than 10 colleagues work for us who have emerged from this network.

JBT Studentische Unternehmensberatung Stuttgart - Santiago Partner
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Focus Universities

As a fast-growing top management consulting boutique, we are constantly on the lookout for well-trained new colleagues. To make our university marketing as effective as possible, we concentrate our activities on four focus universities. Of course, applicants from other universities are also highly welcome.

We already maintain intensive relationships with the universities in Cologne and Mannheim. Here we also have good contacts through the members of our Scientific Advisory Boards. We organize workshops with students, visit the recruiting fairs of the universities and are also involved in various other exchanges.

We also have close ties with TUM and Maastricht University. With the universities in Cologne and Munich, we are additionally connected by the cooperation with their student management consultancies OSCAR und Academy Consult. We are in the process of intensifying our cooperation with other universities.

Mannheim Fokusuniversität Santiago Advisors
TUM Fokusuniversität Santiago Advisors
Maastricht Fokusuniversität Santiago Advisors
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