Santiago Summer Event 2022


At Santiago, we’ve always combined the daily routine of remote work with regular team events. Creating joint memories is a major pillar of building our unique company culture. This year, our summer advisors’ days were blessed with perfect sunshine – we couldn’t have asked for more.


However, next to sightseeing, cycling, and celebrating, we took the time to reflect on the past six months. Business-wise, they were a huge success for us. And results of our internal pulse check confirmed our great work climate.


But still, the world is facing challenges beyond all that we have personally experienced so far. As a consulting company, we always look at things both from our client’s perspective, and from our own. Being prepared for whatever comes is as important as supporting wherever we can.


And “we” includes all of us. So, let’s not forget to reward the individual achievements:

Congratulations to our newly promoted colleagues Yoshi, Cosima and Niklas!


Thanks to our fantastic orga team for making this reunion so special. And thanks to the entire Santiago crew for making it unforgettable!