Santiago Art Edition 2022


Since the inception of Santiago in 2012, we celebrate the end of the year with an exclusive Santiago Art Edition.


2022 was no different – This carefully selected painting you see was done by Julia Gräb, a contemporary young artist from the heart of Düsseldorf. Her unique work is in her words “a visual investigation of abstract formations, which seem to be set in motion by colors and shapes”.

This is an acrylic and ink work that “radiates a certain clarity from a distance, but when you approach the pictures, you can see the free hand drawn, ferruginous lines, which are important for the visual effect I am trying to achieve“.


A tailor-made work of art has been given to each and every individual employee at Santiago as a Christmas token.


Great appreciation goes to our art expert, Jochen Heufelder, who tirelessly identifies the perfect gift for a terrific team of people, year after year. And of course, a big thank you to Julia Gräb for wholeheartedly taking the time to craft every single one of these iconic pieces!


Last but not least, thank you to our inspiring team at Santiago Advisors for another fantastic year together!


If you want to find out more about Julia and her amazing art pieces, check her bio here.