Beste Berater 2019 bis 2024 Santiago Advisors

Visual with best consulting company logos for Santiago Advisors, issued by brandeins magazine and statista

Santiago Advisors 2024 again „Best Consultants“


Great news! Being recognized again by brandeins and Statista as a leading consulting firm in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries underscores our commitment to excellence in concept and execution.


Thank you to our team for your dedication and hard work while understanding and addressing the unique challenges our customers face.


And thank you to our customers – your trust is our greatest reward. We are grateful for our many long-standing partnerships and proud of the transformative impact we achieve together.

Let's continue to work together to deliver remarkable results and overcome the challenges ahead providing positive outcomes for the organizations and communities we serve.


Further information on the survey "The best consultants of the year" can be found here.

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Dr. Juan Rigall
Managing Director