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Working environments are changing – all the time. Companies need to anticipate change – and not just in consequence of issues such as Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. Santiago will show you how to address new challenges and set the right tone among employees, managers and in human resources.

World of Work

Various trends are changing the world of work in companies, and some of these act in opposing directions: Rapidly advancing digitalisation and automation requires highly flexible and agile structures. At the same time, with demographic change the importance of older employees, who have successfully functioned in traditional structures for many years, is increasing. So how does that fit together?

Santiago supports its customers in finding the right way. We create structures and working methods that suit your company and its history. Trendy issues such as agility are not an end in themselves: That is why we determine the value of any innovative approaches for your company and, on this basis, determine the ultimate objective and the individual road map for achieving new structures and work methods.


A vital element of new structures and working methods is the organisation’s understanding of leadership. This needs to develop in a way that complements the other changes: What is decided globally, regionally and locally? What level of cross-disciplinary management and work is there?

We review the management system together with you and define the right balance between vertical and horizontal decision-making, along with the demands on managers and structures associated with this.

Human Resources

Companies are rethinking their business models and production models, organisations are coordinated differently and processes are automated. These requirements need to be actively taken up and reinterpreted by HR – and its demand profile will further develop in the process. As well as a significant contribution to the value of the operative business, along with specially tailored services at competitive costs, HR needs to be able to simultaneously drive forward change and question its own positioning and deployment.

We support our customers in the development of flexible abilities for designing new work environments and in developing and implementing efficient forms of organisation in personnel management. Our range of services here extends from the entire restructuring of  traditional personnel management right through to the specific role design and implementation of business-focussed partners, globally effective corporate HR centres and efficient shared HR services.



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