„Santiago introduces Smart Restructuring“ [EN]


Why do companies need more than just typical financial-driven restructuring? 

Restructuring as we know it so far has some major shortcomings. For example, in many cases it means to prioritize financial optimization over sustainable growth. There is often a lack of a holistic framework, while the focus is clearly on cost reduction. Organizational layers are quickly removed without validating the effectiveness to serve company’s vision and future strategy. Thus, restructuring is not seen as a process within the organization, but as a one-time action. 


Our Focus is on “Smart Restructuring”.  

“We see that Restructuring is not only cost and liquidity optimization, but rather the re-design of strategic priorities, business model, organization and processes for their fit-for-purpose”.  

Moreover, our holistic framework also covers another dimension – it adresses the entire bandwidth of short-term aspects while setting the foundation for long-term growth. Cost-savings in a smart restructuring program are delivered by connecting the “right dots” (e.g., strategic initiatives, business model elements, people, processes, etc.). "Smart" also means breaking old patterns of large-scale digitization programs to establish focused, value-driven, future-oriented while cost-effective digital solutions. 


We believe that intelligent, Smart, Restructuring both sustainably reduces costs and creates the foundation for future growth.


Get in touch with Santiago to learn more about our expertise and references in this area. 

Smart Restructuring


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