Strategy and Business Models

The development of strategies – in times when information is accessible ‘at the touch of a button’ from anywhere in the world – can only be successful if not just the data itself, but the methods and creativity in the processing it makes the difference. This is where Santiago uses innovative approaches to draw the right conclusions, even in the most dynamic and complex environments.


The development of top-class strategies is not just of great significance in times of rapid change: Top-class strategies open up genuine competitive advantages and take any options that are generated through innovations into account. The initial situation for strategy development has changed in recent years as market information has now become a commodity. Globally active market research institutes explore virtually every conceivable section of a market. Consequently any asymmetries in information become irrelevant in most cases when finding future paths to pursue – and new approaches are necessary for finding the right strategy.

With strategic issues we differentiate ourselves by getting the management team involved as much as possible and deriving a collectively held view of the initial situation, the strengths and weaknesses we have and the future options open to us.  With our creative methods and many years of experience in strategic matters, we draw the right conclusions – together with our customers – to put us a step ahead of any competitors.


The right business model differentiates the best from the good. We provide support in designing all aspects of the business model and in defining its key success factors.

In the development of business models we are both designers and sparring partners for our customers at the same time. Our approach ensures the right balance of external input and inclusion of internal expertise and experience. This, in combination with the right strategy, creates the foundations for our further growth incentives.



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