Agility and Digitalisation

The issues of agility and digitalisation have gained considerable significance in many companies, yet the way to that objective is often unclear. Santiago supports companies in their preparations for ‘digital readiness’, the design of their digital portfolio and the sustainable adoption of agile working methods – adjusted to the initial situation of the company. With us you get the greatest value out of these new opportunities and can also realise some innovative approaches in ‘traditional’ areas.


Santiago works together with leading companies to achieve the best possible value from agile working methods – from systems for introducing such methods right through to the implementation of agile forms of organisation and roles. We are your partners for determining the specific value of greater agility in  your company, and we help select the right methods at various points for tackling different problems and introducing them into your day-to-day work. Through our projects and studies with universities we have developed a realistic view of the options that generate the greatest value in your environment. In the process we support you in all stages in the realisation of agile work; from developing a clear objective and defining the organisational requirements right through to the creation of a toolbox designed to meet these challenges. And we do not leave you alone with the implementation; we guide your organisation in more agile set-ups at the right pace.

We support you in extending your portfolio of measures and adjusting your organisation through optimising ongoing agility initiatives. Particularly in large organisations, we look for solutions at the interfaces between agile and ‘traditional’ units that ensure the best possible cooperation.


How do companies manage with digital innovations and how suitable are the approaches we use today for regulating digital developments? How can we combine digital innovations with our traditional business?

We work with our clients on the ideal organisational solutions for managing company-wide digital initiatives or we build and develop digital ecosystems together. We can draw on a network of leading technology, venture and start-up partners here and produce genuine solutions with tangible successes.
Our activities extend from securing digital readiness and designing the digital transformation right through to the digitalisation of processes. With our partners we provide support in scouting for start-up companies, help with the structuring of growth, develop use cases and create quick prototypes.


Digital innovations do not just change companies’ processes and products, they also make totally new business models possible. Various traditional industries are already experiencing how new players are causing breakthroughs in the market already today through digital business models.

We are experts in the further development of business models. The range of our services includes extending business models around digital components, developing business models from scratch and designing market launches on the basis of various digital solutions. We create platform systems, for example, and provide solutions for upgrading conventional business models with innovative technical options.
We develop digital businesses and support them in their technological development together with our partners. In the process we invest in big ideas through shareholdings or joint ventures, we act as mentors for young companies and give them access to a large network of industries.



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