Our competencies enable your success

We are specialists in growth. Santiago Advisors have developed their skills out of their customers’ requirements for fully-integrated advice – from strategy development right through to successful implementation. Meeting all these requirements demands extensive capabilities and personalities. Our range of skills generates genuine added value for our customers. This is because all the experience we have already gained in implementing our expertise sharpens our advisors’ focus on essential success strategies, and any obstacles to realisation, just when the new strategies are developed. So you can be sure that, with us, good ideas become tangible successes.



Strategy and Business Models

The development of strategies – in times when information is accessible ‘at the touch of a button’ from anywhere in the world – can only be successful if not just the data itself, but the methods and creativity in the processing it makes the difference. This is where Santiago uses innovative approaches to draw the right conclusions, even in the most dynamic and complex environments.

Process Optimisation and Reorganisation

A well-thought-out organisational design is a competitive advantage for your company. Well-designed processes enable smooth procedures and efficient achievement of results. Santiago supports you in achieving results simply and efficiently and creating the ideal structures to generate top performance.





People and Leadership

Working environments are changing – all the time. Companies need to anticipate change – and not just in consequence of issues such as Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. Santiago will show you how to address new challenges and set the right tone among employees, managers and in Human Resources.


Change is normality: Companies today are constantly required to manage with change. We point out paths to follow to reach the defined goal – consistently and without any conflict – and bring about long-term success.





Agility and Digitalisation

The issues of agility and digitalisation have gained considerable significance in many companies, yet the way to that objective is often unclear. Santiago supports companies in their preparations for ‘digital readiness’, the design of their digital portfolio and the sustainable adoption of agile working methods – adjusted to the initial situation of the company. With us you get the greatest value out of these new opportunities and can also realise some innovative approaches in ‘traditional’ areas.