Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to humanity. As advisors we are regularly on site for our customers in various locations and we cause CO2 emissions through our travel activities. We aspire to achieving CO2 neutrality for Santiago by 2028. We will reach this target through economies in CO2 and investments in CO2-compensating programmes.


We would like to support our customers in the best possible way and, for this reason, as a rule we work together with customer teams on site. The CO2 balance is an important factor for us in the choice of means of transport. For this reason, whenever possible we choose mobility alternatives that make the largest contribution to conserving the climate. That means that we avoid flying, for example, travel more by train, take advantage of local public transport incentives and increase the share of our vehicles that use CO2-saving technologies (gas, hydrogen and electricity).


We will compensate for the CO2 consumption that we cannot reduce through economies, step by step through annual investments in appropriate projects (solar, wind, forestry or biomass).